About Us...

Space Hopper Films was established by experienced film makers, producers, directors and investors with the intention of disrupting the normal film making process, creating opportunities to produce and distribute entertainment appealing to four quadrant audiences.
We have licensed properties that appeal to all ages, whilst also developing titles that may be more specific to certain audiences. Ultimately, from a strategic and financial perspective, our catalogue has an even distribution among all audiences and for multiple channels. 

The Rebirth of Multi-Generational Classics:

Our debut arena is in multiple different stories that, from an audience’s perspective, are easily consumable, based on our principal that kids will watch anything. So let’s make material that their parents want them to watch, and don’t feel guilty allowing them to.
Through classically produced cinema, sophistication that you’d see in films loved by adults, but produced specifically for a children’s audience, we can create engaging and wonderful tales. A library of stories, not just feature films, but 20-35 minute films, just the perfect watching time for kids between the ages of six and twelve.
A unique offering, that offers a fresh perspective on entertainment. Because these stories are simple enough for children to understand, the international sales opportunity is enormous.